Putting the Party in Wedding Party


Grace Armstrong, Bridesmaid
The girl who found me on my first day of Presentation because she heard I was a new and wanted to invite me to “some party in Los Gatos”. I went to the party with her and we have been friends ever since.

Ashley Newsome, Bridesmaid
Bonded over being a few of the only non-NYU (and subsequently least artsy) people on the NYU Study Abroad program in Florence we both attended. After traveling together every weekend for nearly six months and never fighting, we knew something was meant to be.

Emily Smith, Bridesmaid
Sorority sister. We became friends in college after bonding over our mutual love of Traddies Trivia nights and mid-week 901 Bar and Grill happy hours. She is the girl that can be found saying “cheers to the best years” at every celebration toast.  

Julia Duston, Bridesmaid
Met during sorority rush because our last names start with D and we were in the same group. Thankfully after a whirlwind week, we wound up in the same place and spent 3 joyful years rooming together at the Gamma Phi house.

Andrea Farfan, Bridesmaid
We became good friends senior year of college when we lived across the hall from each other. Once I learned how sarcastic she could be (and how she always seemed to be the rational one in the group), we became even better friends.

Jess Etterman, Bridesmaid/Future Sister in Law
While we admittedly did not have a chance meeting that made us friends, we have seriously bonded over our mutual love of Fixer Upper and are looking forward to a lifetime of having many glasses of wine and trying to “Ikea Hack” various pieces of furniture we own.


Matt Brady, Best Man
The first time I saw “Brady” was while playing pickup basketball at LMU.  His unmistakable shoulder length hair and the flair for an unnecessarily difficult play seemingly made us polar opposites.  Little did I know that over the course of 10+ years, we’d become best of friends who share the same sense of humor, affinity for sports trivia and love of buffalo wings.  

Mike Walker, Groomsman
Having shared a 2 person dorm room with “Walker” and a third person freshman year at LMU (while they finished construction on a new dorm), it goes without saying that he and I have always been close.  We now live one block away from each other in San Francisco, so things don’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Dom Nasser, Groomsman
Originally that guy who no longer went to LMU but was working out at the LMU gym, Dom ended up being my roommate in San Francisco for 5 years.  A lover of tequila, gambling and the Warriors, Dom has been a big part of my life over the past 7+ years.

Ben Coggins, Groomsman
The most tenured friend.  It’s rare to find someone who you went to middle school and high school with play such a big part in your life 15+ years later.  Ben and I have played sports together, traveled together, and celebrated a wedding of his own together and I’m looking forward to another great 15+ years of friendship ahead of us.

Tyler Dishaw, Groomsman
Based on the amount of mutual friends we have, it was no surprise that our paths crossed at one of their birthdays in San Francisco years ago.  Tyler shares my love for basketball and hip hop and even though he’s always the best dressed guy at a party, we no longer hold that against him

Matt Etterman, Groomsman - brother
The MVP of just about every youth sports camp that he participated in, Matt has gone from “Chris’ little brother” to a recent college graduate ready to tackle the real world.  If you need tips on snowboarding, Big Sky Montana or Australian Shepherds, he is your man.

Christopher DiNapoli, Groomsman, very near future brother in law.
 A former college roommate of my brother’s, Chris has fit in seamlessly with the rest of the group and we’ll even forgive him for being a Lakers fan.