Madison and Chris Engaged Photo.JPG

A few months out of college, Madison was new to San Francisco and looking to meet some new people and noticed all of her friends were on a dating app called Hinge. After signing up for the app, she was scrolling through and found a guy named Chris whose hometown was Los Gatos. Figuring it was a small town and this was a pretty low risk date to go on, she swiped right. Chris also swiped right but for a different reason - he recognized Madison’s last name and knew that their younger brothers were roommates at the University of Arizona, which she was completely unaware of! They set up a date for a Thursday in November, which also happened to be the Cal-USC game that all of her friends were watching at a bar. She told them that she was just going to grab a quick drink and would meet them after, no later than 8pm. About 10 minutes into their date, Chris informed her that a) their brothers were roommates at the University of Arizona and b) that he had actually met her parents at a Christmas party that past year! They hit it off nearly immediately and needless to say, she never saw the score of the USC game. They closed down the restaurant on their first date and both knew that there was something special.

Chris would be the first to admit that he doesn’t have the best memory when it comes to something non-sports or pop culture related, however, he was smart enough to remember that during a casual conversation amongst a group of friends, Madison mentioned that all she really wanted as part of a proposal was a great view. Fast forward 3 years to early November 2017, and Chris has planned a hike to Hawk Hill in Sausalito for us, despite the fact that he is not much of a hiker. To complicate matters further, it was storming the whole weekend. Yet, he insisted, we were going hiking. After a short drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, we arrived at Hawk Hill and miraculously, the sun started to come out. We hiked to the top of the hill, found a spot with a great view (and no tourists), and Chris dropped down on one knee and proposed. The rest, as they say, is history.